4th Quarter KickOff

We have entered into the last quarter of this school year! It has been going by so fast and it has been an enjoyable journey.  In this first two weeks of the fourth quarter, we have begun a new set of classes with different topics, while continuing to teach concepts from the previous classes. Here are the new classes:

M/Th - Broad Theme:  Home Economics


Week 1 & 2 Sub-Theme: Baking

This is MY Jam! Writing Your Own Recipes

Students practiced copy work to identify spelling mistakes they make as they create their recipe books.

Students practiced copy work to identify spelling mistakes they make as they create their recipe books.

Discipline: Language Arts
Course Description:  In this course, students will continue their study of written instructions by examining baking recipes. Students will note patterns in instructions and ingredients commonly used baking ingredients. They will create their own recipe book as a reference - including important baking vocabulary, the purpose of commonly used baking ingredients, and they will add a new recipe of their own. Students will have the chance to revise their recipes as they experiment with real ingredients in their “Watch me whip!: Bake your Own Recipe” course. 

Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Nature
Main Manipulatives: Recipe book, Pencil, iPad


  • Students learn to compare and contrast baking recipes and note patterns in common ingredients. 
  • Students will define common baking vocabulary and note the purpose of important ingredients. 
  • Students will write their own recipe by modifying the ingredients of a recipe they already know.

Work It: Making Recipes Work for You

Discipline: STEM
Course Description: This course will build on students’ understanding of multiplication and fractions. They will work with recipes to double or cut them in half and calculate amounts for individual ingredients accordingly. More advanced students will practice tripling recipes. 

Multiple Intelligences: Logical/Mathematical
Main Manipulatives: Cooking ingredients, Pen, and Paper


  • Translate teaspoons into tablespoons and vice versa. 
  • Double and triple recipes that include western units of measurement (tsp., tbsp., cups, pints, quarts, and gallons).
  • Cut a recipe in half by dividing all original measurements by 2. 

Watch Me Whip!: Bake Your Own Recipe

First reciepe made by Orange Class! It was tasty pancakes.

First reciepe made by Orange Class! It was tasty pancakes.

Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: Students will have the opportunity to exercise their creativity in this course. They will learn about basic baking ingredients and guidelines in, “This is MY Jam!” and will put those into practice when creating their recipes. By exercising their Nature Intelligence through learning about the different categories of ingredients that make up a recipe (binder, elevator, etc.), students will learn how to build their own recipe. They will mix together all of their dry ingredients at school and decide how much and what kind of wet ingredients they will need to add at home. They can bake and taste their recipe, allowing them to determine what edits and adjustments need to be made. Then they can try again!  

Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic, Nature
Main Manipulatives: Baking supplies, Pencil, Paper


  • Create and edit a recipe using the scientific method.
  • Learn how to problem solve an error in their recipe.
  • Learn how to record their steps for experimental baking in an organized way.


T/F - Broad Theme:  Anatomy/Biology


Weeks 1 & 2 Sub-Theme: Soccer


Class discussing movement on the field as we watched professional teams perform set plays.

Class discussing movement on the field as we watched professional teams perform set plays.

Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: This class will use soccer as the medium to teach about spatial awareness and the importance of having a contributing role within a group. Students will be identifying the positions in soccer, as well as, identifying shapes and patterns within the sport. The students will have hands-on experience learning about set plays (corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins, kickoffs, penalty kicks) and creating their own play. Students will have to demonstrate patience in their groups, as they cooperate together to create and test their set pieces.

Multiple Intelligences: Spatial/Visual, Bodily-Kinesthetic
Main Manipulatives: Paper and Pencil, Soccer Ball


  • Students will be able to identify the roles of different positions on the soccer field.
  • Students will create a step by step soccer play with diagrams and perform it on the field.
  • Students will identify the importance of shapes in sports and incorporate the use of diamonds and triangle movements in their plays.

Watch Me Ney Ney: Neymar & the Anatomy of the Foot & Leg

Discipline: STEM
Course Description: Throughout this course, the students will study the anatomy of the lower limbs of the human body. They will learn the names of the major muscle groups and bones that make up the lower limbs, and they will learn how the musculoskeletal system works together to allow athletes to do a variety of different moves within the sport of soccer, including both fine and gross motor skills of the lower body.

Multiple Intelligences: Bodily-Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Spatial/Visual, Nature
Main Manipulatives: iPads


  • Students will learn about the 4 major muscles groups and the 5 primary bones in the lower limbs.
  • Students will learn the functions of tendons and ligaments.
  • Students will learn how muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons all work together to provide a wide range of motion.

GOOOOOOOAL!!!: Reporting a “Play by Play”

Discipline: Language Arts
Course Description: This course will focus on the students’ ability to verbalize what they see. They will have to use their linguistic intelligence and new vocabulary words introduced to them about the game of soccer to give an accurate, in real-time, description of what they are seeing on the soccer field. They will write announcer’s scripts for a soccer clip that they will then record themselves “announcing” as a sports announcer.

Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic
Main Manipulatives: Paper, pencils, iPads


  • Learn to verbalize what they see.
  • Learn how to talk about an activity as it is happening.
  • Practice writing a script.

Sweet Threads, Yo

This uniform designed by Black Classes Ethan O.

This uniform designed by Black Classes Ethan O.

Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: This course is all about seeing needs and meeting needs via students’ creativity and capacity. We will observe current trends in soccer uniform design and break down the needs of a soccer player. Students will gain an understanding of what appropriate attire can do to aid someone in their job. We will learn how to make clothes safe, effective, and really cool. The students will design their own version of a soccer uniform to be submitted for possible use by other students. 

Multiple Intelligences: S/V, S, B/K
Main Manipulatives: iPad, Vector images and Camera


  • Introduce a brief history of athletic uniform design from ancient times to current trends.
  • Design appropriate attire for a soccer player, taking into account physiological functions, kinesthetics, and safety concerns.
  • Develop a sense of aesthetic that communicates movement, tradition, quality, skill, or innovation.