The Power of Storytelling

These last two weeks of classes have been wonderful. One particular class, Japanese Fables taught by Ms. Vagatai, has been a particular highlight. The students learned the dynamics of storytelling including the components that make up a story, and the distinction between a basic story and a fable. Ms. Vagatai exercised students auditory learning skills by reading them a Japanese fable, and then allowing them to critically think through selecting characters, a setting, and developing their own story to communicate a moral lesson.

The students really engaged! While they were given freedom to choose any story they wanted, they were required to make the story communicate a moral lesson. While some of the students struggle to think linearly through narrative, this creative freedom allowed many of the students to participate and succeed in their writing in a way that was made much easier for them.

Ms. Vagatai also gave students the opportunity to present their fables aloud to their classmates on the last day of the course. The students were enthusiastic to share and when class ended they expressed their desire for more opportunities to create and present. Their enjoyment of the creativity, writing, sharing, and the listening process has sparked an interest in Language Arts that I am positive will continue on throughout the next quarter.