​An Update on Screenwriting

 Written by: Alyssa Kurtz 

This past week in our Language Arts block our class has been exploring Screenwriting as a form of written communication. Students are learning the basics of screenwriting, including the role of the audience, the screenwriter, a script editor, and how to use dialogue in a script. Our class has begun writing their introductions for the screenplay they will be filming in their “Movie Magic” class. This upcoming week they will be writing out their script “body” which will include cooking instructions, as their screenplay is a dialogical 2-minute cooking show! Students have chosen recipe’s that they enjoy and know well, and will teach their audience how to go about making their favorite dishes.

I have been pleasantly surprised to see the enthusiasm and teamwork cultivated as students work together to create their scripts. I have found when students work together towards a more practical final product, they tend to rise to the occasion and produce written work of higher quality and detail. As always, I’m ready to see what this next week holds in the lives of these writers, and I’m excited to see their polished final scripts.