Making Story Blankets

This class is a creative arts class where students are working towards collectively creating a story blanket. The past 2 weeks students have learned what a story blanket is in their language arts class called “Story Blankets.” They examined story blankets from different people groups around the world, including the Hmong people, the Basotho tribe from East Africa and stories from the Underground Railroad. Students learned how story blankets have the power to educate through visual story-telling, and how these lessons are creatively passed on through the generations. 

The Orange class then had to decide what the focus of their blanket would be. After brainstorming many options for the blanket, the students settled on the theme of “sports”… I wasn’t surprised.  Each student is now creating an 8-inch square section from the different fabrics that would be their own to design.  Once each individual square is complete, our class will sew all the squares together to make one big blanket to represent/tell the story of the class as a whole. 

The students have really enjoyed this class. They are having to measure their fabrics to make sure their squares are 8-inch sections and having to think through how things are being sewn together. Students have the freedom to be as creative as they want with their section. We have also been blessed to have the assistance (and sewing machines) of Mrs. Reichert (Sailor’s mom) and Miss Vitela (Maddison’s mom). They have been a tremendous help to the students as they sew and think through their designs.

Overall, this class is exposing students to the basics of sewing, measuring, embroidering, and finding new ways to incorporate these skills to produce something new. This unit is further tuning student’s fine motor skills as they cut fabric, embroider and sew meaning onto each square. I'm excited to see the final product, but already the journey has been worth it.