Equipping a globally conscious community to serve the poor and marginalized through education,
advocacy and empowerment, without discrimination,
demonstrating unconditional love.


A-Team Kenya 1999

Quick History

Established in 1996, we have quite the story to tell. There's no way we could go into all the details without writing a book, so here's our best shot at keeping it brief and still informative.

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Mission & Vision

The Mission Statement lets you know what we do. The Vision Statement tells you who it is we hope to be. The meaning of the statements are best discovered when you're a part of the action.

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Put Simply...

Because this site has A LOT in it, we've taken a page to "simply" list what we do as a "Community Service Organization," a "3rd World Development Agency," and an "Educational Institution." Take a look!

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Where in the World?

"One Team, 5 Regions" is a slogan we have to note that though we have teams of people dedicated to serving the regions of the U.S., Latin America, East Africa, India and South East Asia, we're in "this" together. Read more about our 'team dynamic' and the philosophy of 'transplanting community' as well the concept of 'what we do here, is what we do there.'

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Come and See!