Providing opportunities for the development of competent farmers, able to serve in developing world environments.


Hopewell Farms

Hopewell Farms is at the forefront of our agricultural efforts here in Tennessee. It's a 1-acre bio-intensive farm that emphasizes in educating college and K-12 students, interns, and volunteers in agricultural concepts that are relevant and readily implementable anywhere you have soil and willing hands to work it. At Hopewell Farms, you can learn everything from how to plant in your own backyard, to the operations necessary for running a small-scale farm. It's also a demonstration farm, in a global sense, utilizing methods that can be applied internationally on rural farms. We currently harvest over 10,000 pounds of produce per season. The food is regularly delivered to widows in the neighborhood surrounding our farm, as well as served in nutritious lunches for a K-12 school and an annual summer camp. In addition, you can find it at the local farmers market, in top Nashville restaurants, and through a farm share, with all of the proceeds going back to our developing world efforts. 

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International Farms

In the 3rd world, farming is an integral part of everyday life. According to the World Bank, 65% of poor working adults make a living through agriculture (1). Our aim is to empower local farmers - while humbly respecting their skill and wisdom - by teaching and demonstrating sustainable, bio-intensive principles of agriculture that enhance production, and address common issues that negatively impact traditional, rural farms (not enough rain, too much rain, disease, pests, soil infertility, inefficient use of land).

(1)The World Bank. Agriculturehttp://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/agriculture/overview (accessed May 31, 2018).



In one of India's most populated cities, we’ve started a rooftop garden, showing what can be grown within an urban landscape.

East Africa

In Uganda, we have over 180, 50-foot garden beds that provide enough food to regularly feed over 400 school children at a nearby school, and supplement the meals of our college and personnel on our East Africa campus.

Latin America

In El Salvador, our cooperatives and interns currently grow vegetables in 16 garden beds, and a variety of fruit trees throughout our property.

South East Asia

In the Philippines, our garden provides food for women in a nearby prison and children at a local school.


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