Initial Exploration

By: Jason Roufs

Michael Davis, Marco Arroyo, and I (Jason Roufs) left for El Salvador on May 2nd to solidify on-site logistics for the groups that will be joining us over the next 3 months. Since our arrival we have had the opportunity to learn the language more and more with every awkward silence. We have heard stories from the elderly and from youth in their early 20s, and we have come into contact with many foreigners from around the world.

One of our purposes in coming 10 days prior to our families joining us was to determine housing options. We need a minimum of 2 houses that accommodate 10 adults and 8 children. Fulfilling this need has given us the opportunity to experience the way real estate functions here, as well as to learn more about the country's overall economic situation. Through much turmoil and negotiation, we have acquired two houses within the same area!

In a few more days all three of our families will join us, along with the Watson family, and Lavy Fernandez and Brie Branscum. We are excited to have secured housing and an area that will help us begin to take small steps in learning about the great people of El Salvador. We still have a lot to do before they all get here, so let your prayers be with us.