Coming and Going

By: Kaly McFadden

The time has come for change for our team members in El Salvador.  Our first group has departed from Ilopango, and group two is on the ground, continuing the work that has been started.  The Davis and Roufs families are continuing their 3 month stay, and the Watson family will remain in El Salvador for two more weeks.  Brie Branscum and Lavy Fernandez have recently arrived back in Antioch, and Marco, Jaimee, and Evie Arroyo are traveling back to Antioch via Puebla, Mexico, where Marco grew up.  People are coming, going and staying in El Salvador, and the the team is learning, growing and changing all the time.

Thus far, team members in El Salvador have been learning to live in Ilopango, building relationships with people in the neighborhood of Bosque de la Paz, getting to know the people of Milagro de Dios, doing surveys and interviews regarding healthcare, nutrition, and education, as well as researching agricultural development options, and improving their language skills.

The second group, who arrived within the past few days, brings different experiences and different skills, and we are eager to see them work together.  Inevitably, they will build upon the work begun by group one, as well as further explore the surrounding areas of need.

Group 2 consists of Matthew and Ninfa Parker, Rafael Reyes, Britt Edwards, Kristy Yokley, and Natilie Musche.   Natalie is returning to Central America for her second 5 week immersion with G.O.D. Int'l, with the first being in Guatemala in 2008.  She hopes to further her research inthe field of Widow and Orphan Care. Rafael Reyes, a student at the Institute for 5 years, is on his first international immersion trip with G.O.D. Int'l and carries with him a desire for Adult Literacy.  Matthew and Ninfa Parker, students at the institute for 3 years, are returning to Latin America after a brief visit with G.O.D. int'l on their internship in 2008.  Matthew looks forward to furthering his education on Liberation Theology first hand in the country which has produced the theology, as well as people that live it out. Ninfa, a fluent Spanish speaker, will be further her language skills, as she learns the art of interpretation. Kristy Yokely is returning to Latin America for her first 5 week stay, after having spent a week in Guatemala in 2009 with another missions organization. Britt Edwards is returning to El Salvador for the 3rd time. With experience, age and more education Britt hopes to be able to document via media means the voice of the voiceless, so as to bring more clarity to their stories.

Please continue to pray for the Latin America team as the first group returns to Antioch and the second group acclimates to Salvadorian life and culture, and that we all continue to embrace each moment set before us amidst the transitions.