Facilitating Service Can Be Fresh, New...

by Mitchell Buchanan As summer begins to heat up, it is once again the time of year for Students Living a Mission (SLAM), the youth oriented community service program of GOD International, to partner with young people to serve in the greater Nashville area.

This summer alone, 300 students from 10 youth groups and 5 different states are coming to Nashville, with the intention to serve God by serving others.  Some groups have been here in the past and some are coming for the first time, but regardless, it will be a new experience for everyone.

Put simply, for SLAM events this summer, we want to do something “new.” As the people of God, we don’t just roll out a program, but we seek God to participate in his work in the world. Every week the facilitators of SLAM must answer the question: “How can we make this a time that coordinates everyone with God's desire to do good?” On our end, this task calls for something fresh, something new.

In preparation for our first group on June 17th and 18th, we have service opportunities that we have never had before - such as supporting the recent Nashville flood victims and hosting a youth soccer camp for a local Burmese refugee community.  "Late Nite(s)," is the interactive and educational entertainment for SLAM weekends, the team is in the process of creating new videos and team-building exercises that will connect people with God and one another. Also, this year we have over 10 new volunteers from the G.O.D. Int'l community to serve in SLAM who are anticipated to bring an exciting energy to the Worship Times and Service Projects.

You can specifically pray for this summer, as we bring about change throughout neighborhoods in Nashville, beginning in our immediate surrounding area of Hopewell which has been seen as a deteriorating and neglected community of Nashville, but to us is a placed filled with precious people and hope.

For G.O.D. community members, these Nashville service weeks are very strategic in our continued support and service to over 12 other local non-profit organizations; a major contribution on our part is to recruit volunteers and organize man-power for labor projects. We are happy to continue this work, striving for the fresh, for the new.