A Band with a Mission

By Isaac Thress

If you haven't yet heard of the band UnNamed Servant then you are missing out! The four-piece rock sensation has been hard at work over the past year prepping for the release of their fourth studio album: Invitation to Exile. The album, which is the newest addition to an already impressive repertoire of lyrically-demanding music, officially hit stores this past September.

UnNamed Servant continues to challenge what is accepted as normative in today's Christian music scene with the introduction of Invitation to Exile. The album's message is derived from emotional experiences working together with the poor and underprivileged across the world coupled with fresh theological insights regarding God's desire for his people to be light amidst a world of darkness.

Recently, UnNamed Servant had the privilege to travel the country and lead worship for hundreds of youth throughout the eastern U.S. Fans from Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee came out to support UnNamed Servant making for an exciting and action-packed September-October. Most recent has been UnNamed Servant's involvement in the Hands and Feet service weekends facilitated by Brad Fiscus, the district coordinator of the United Methodist Conference held in Tennessee.

The band made headlines in India this summer with a set of concerts that still has locals talking about their incredible experience. Many people around the world, from Africa and Guatemala to India and the Philippines, are looking forward to their next opportunity at seeing UnNamed Servant live in concert.

Though things have settled down over the past few weeks, you can expect more coming from UnNamed Servant in the near future. Until then, make sure to stop by their Facebook page and leave a comment as well as their brand new website: www.FEELIT.us. There you will find a number of different video journals, live sets, lyrics, bios, and contact information for connecting with the band. Also make sure to download their latest album, Invitation to Exile, from iTunes and tell them what you think!

There's much more coming your way, so keep posted!