Entering The Land

Today, Josh Kurtz, Cameron Kagay, Jenny Ebert, two of our Ugandan cooperatives (Peter Kimbugwe and Francis Lubega), and John and Jen Nyago visited the land recently purchased by our movement just outside Bombo, Uganda.  It was the first time on the land for many of us, and we were pleased to find it with rich, dark soil and lush plant life. The land already has many large fruit trees (jackfruit, papaya, and banana) and water is easily accessible in the soil for plants during the rainy season because of the high water table. In hopes of developing sustainable and innovative methods in agriculture, we were very encouraged to find such a fertile soil. The land is good!

We are also surveying the land to find the best place to begin building homes. We will be building with blocks made with soil from the land (Compressed Earth Block), a sustainable and economical way of constructing homes. There is much anticipation for the months to come as the team prepares to begin building. We are truly thankful for this gift that God has given us.

Written By Cameron Kagay