G.O.D. Int'l Summer Interns On the Road

Similar to previous years, Summer Internship began here in Nashville, allowing for the interns to bond together while meeting needs of others and learning to depend on the Lord themselves. The interns facilitated a camp for underprivileged children and youth in surrounding areas titled ‘Camp Skillz.’  The interns were stretched physically and mentally, as each person’s creativity was necessary in organizing the camp’s events and activities.

Grant Dailey, an intern and student at the Institute for Global Outreach Developments, explains, “Over the past two weeks I have been a receptionist, a teacher, an actor, a disciplinarian and even, a mummy. The list goes on and on.”  Dailey mentions that each intern had to fulfill numerous roles within each day, in order to help the camp run smoothly.

Joanna Fuller, a Californian teacher, joined the interns after the first week of Camp Skillz.  As an LA resident, Fuller associated money and funds with running a successful camp, however Camp Skillz did not have an overflowing fund to provide for the campers. The interns were challenged to work creatively within a very limited budget. After participating in the second week of Camp Skillz, Fuller stated, “I learned this week that money wasn’t necessary, but that people were.  Each intern was a resource.”

‘Camp Skillz’ was a great success, giving healthy alternatives to the participating children--many of whom would not have benefitted from any other camp program had this outreach not been initiated. After two full weeks of exhausting hours, endless planning, lessons learned and treasured moments with the Camp Skillz participants, the interns prepared for their departure to El Salvador.

The departing process to El Salvador, unlike other trips and internships, lacked flight numbers, baggage claims and airports.  The interns were to join the band Unnamed Servant, and their families on a lengthy road trip to Latin America.

Although the bus and vans pulled away from the building on July 4th, the entire day prior was spent preparing and finalizing all tasks before leaving the country.  The community of G.O.D. Int’l, the band members and their families and all the interns shared breakfast together before the vehicles were loaded.  Backpacks lined the hallways, as the communal itch of anticipation grew stronger and stronger as each minute felt like five.

As bags were placed into the trailers behind the vans, the departure felt near.  After a time of prayer, the interns stood before the community and stated what their hopes were for the trip, what they desired to see happen in themselves and the people around them.

Bags packed, people loaded, doors shut and engines on, the bus and vans pulled away from the building around 12:30 PM.  With shared experiences and team bonding moments behind them, the interns rested their heads on the seat backs and buckled up for the long drive to El Salvador.

The first few weeks of internship--the memories made, friendships fostered, prayers lifted, and hearts focused--set precedent for the rest of the trip. This serves as a necessary foundation to achieve the hope of being of benefit to those who are often forgotten, this summer, in El Salvador specifically. We are grateful for our interns and the lessons they have learned in how to work together and trust in the Lord even in the midst of challenging circumstance. We invite you to pray with us as the interns continue their journey, and please stay tuned to our website for more updates from El Salvador as they come.

Written by: Laura Foster