Bible Talk

The Word of God is alive and active, but sometimes we don’t know how to approach it, how to listen. Take a weekend to explore what it looks like to let God's Word speak into our lives. To set apart an entire weekend to learn from God's Word is indeed a special task, and we've seen God show up time and time again.

God is still speaking through his word.
Come join the conversation on what it means. 


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What's it all about? 

  • A time for teenagers and adults to have biblically-based conversations about real world issues.

  • Corporate times of worship.

  • Bible sessions led by teachers at the Institute for G.O.D.

  • Tracks specifically designed for participants (including youth, parents, youth leaders, college students and more).

  • Meet others trying to live their lives for Christ.
    You'll use the Word as a catalyst for conversation on how to do that better.

  • Bible Talk is a conference, but also a conversation--and everyone is invited to participate. 

“Bible Talk was amazing and I learned so much. I will be using my notes for several weeks in the ladies’ Bible study I teach. It was a very uplifting time for one who sometimes gets weary and drained as we serve the very needy ones where God has called us. I look forward to a return visit.”
— Sue Kochel, Bible Talk Attendee

 What's it look like?

All meals are provided -- some in host homes, others with all participants (including teachers and facilitators).

Host homes provide more than a place to sleep--they are a time to talk about what you learned at Bible Talk!

Materials, including notebooks, will be provided.

Offers participants an uplifting and encouraging time in God's Word

While teaching is included, dialogue is what makes the event, so come ready to discuss things from your own experience! 


I’ve never really studied the Bible like this before. It was eye opening! This weekend showed me how I can follow Jesus at school, home, and church—everywhere!
— High School participant, Bible Talk 2016

Bible Talk

The details for the next conference will be posted when dates are determined.