New Building Update (From the Headmaster)

Is That Building Going To Just Sit There?

Not for long.

So What Happened?

We tried to raise a little over a half a million dollars for a new building, but didn’t get nearly enough funding.

So, we considered this an opportunity for faith and a chance to implement the innovativeness we’re teaching our students to have, and exercise the creativity inherent to the image we’ve been created in.

We looked into a variety of alternatives, and purchased the trailers that you see on the lawn from Iowa. This former school was purchased for about 1/10th the price it would’ve cost to buy it here in TN. We then had to find people who could transport the buildings from Iowa to TN so we could get to work on renovating and outfitting it.

After multiple challenges related to transferring the buildings, they finally arrived. The next step was to get the state to approve them for placement on a foundation. What we learned was that the state never really approves out-of-state buildings for educational purposes. Not for necessarily any grounded reasoning, but it’s just not something they ever really do. So we had to stop from placing them on the foundation that we built until we could get approval. That’s why they’ve been sitting there. It has been a lengthy process with continual urging on our part for approval to move forward, but the state doesn’t respond so quickly.

We’re happy to say that two weeks ago, right when we were planning to look into other options, we were finally approved by the state! We are now in the process of getting all the necessary permissions from Metro (which is a much easier task, so we’ve been told) and this will allow us to place the building, seal it, renovate it, and have an educational space with the capacity for approximately 200 students by this next semester. It could be sooner, but let’s just say next semester.

In the meantime, we have been able to organize the use of our present campus to adjust to a larger student population (80 students). We have done this and also maintained our ideal student to teacher ratios, by expanding our teaching staff. After three days of classes, it seems that all is working really well, and students have both the sufficient space to learn the subject matters they are being taught, and the appropriate amount of teachers to facilitate their courses.

I wanted you to know what was going on with the building, and also to share with you how the leadership of our school are people of faith. We are continually seeking how we can improve not just the physical aspects of our campus, but also the quality of the education offered to your children. We won’t let things like a lack of funding stop us either. We really believe God is doing good things at the Academy, and I want to be faithful to fill you in on how that statement is true. So this is the first of many more blogs on our website that will carry content related to the happenings of the Academy, but also the philosophy of education we are employing to ensure a top notch education. 

Look for more updates soon!