Our Adjusted School Hours

After a few semesters of watching the kids drag in at 7:30 (not all of them, but most), it became pretty obvious that a lot of them could’ve used a bit of a warm up. We tried making their first classes particularly active, but that didn’t seem to accomplish the task of getting them energized and alert for the entirety of the day. 

That’s when I thought about what seemed to be a very obvious answer - let’s push back the start of the day and just give them more time in the morning to get it together before classes officially started.

The logic for this move also stemmed from our values related to students getting time with their families. Instead of the images of yanking kids out of bed to throw on clothes with their eyes half closed, stumbling into the dining room to slurp cereal, and almost having to be dragged to the van so everyone could rush into traffic and wait… 

Instead, images of kids waking up a bit more pleasant to a non-rushed environment where families could slow it down a bit and soak up a little morning fellowship filled my mind. I even thought that perhaps commuters could avoid some morning traffic, and kick off the day with the sun, instead of before it.

I talked to quite a few families before making the decision - everyone seemed to be happily on board. So, if you have any practical suggestions for The Academy, feel free to voice them. Even if you don’t know a solution, raise the issue, and we’ll gladly work together to figure it out.

Attached is an article that was published right before school started this year. A parent sent it to me to show confirmation for our decision. It was good to see. Check it out!



Mr. Gregg Garner
The Academy for God