Camp Skillz is an affordable day camp aimed at helping kids build relationships, character, and practical skills. We think that the most important skill a child can possess is a strong character. For that reason, camp opens and closes each day with a focus on the camp value (think: diversity, kindness, endurance, and more). Campers get a chance to display what they’re learning through all sorts of fun activities, from drama and soccer to water and art. If campers don’t leave the camp having the time of their lives and learning how to be better kids in the process, we failed, and we really don’t like failing.

Camp Skillz currently serves kids aged 6-12 in Middle Tennessee, with sites in Old Hickory, Madison, and Antioch. The program runs from 8:30am - 12:30pm Tuesday through Friday. Breakfast and lunch are included each day.


Camp Skillz Old Hickory 2019

Session One: June 11 - 14 “Hang Tough”

Value: Self Control
Skillz: Communication and Teamwork

We kick off Camp Skillz with high energy and a charge into team and individual challenges designed to test the limits. Will you be able to endure the obstacles and overcome the rigors of the ropes course, or will the course claim victory? Campers will develop their communication and teamwork skills to bring their ‘A’ game as they compete in mud race relays, create the ultimate shish kabobs, and saw tree trunks in half. This is not for the faint of heart as Counselors will encourage Campers to enter and endure the week, ready to develop grit and fortitude in their character. Do you think you have what it takes to hang tough?!

Session Two: June 18 - 21 “Funkdafied”

Value: Joy
Skillz: Music and Dance

Time to get funky. Humanity has unanimously declared that getting funky through music and dancing is part of who we are, and at Camp Skillz we welcome it as a theme for our second week. Campers will be immersed in the skills that celebrate music and dance. From hip hop to Jazz to Funk, activities will explore instrumentation, singing, dancing, as well as live demonstrations from local dance teams and professional musicians! Campers will build their very own instruments, learn the freshest new hip-hop dance moves, and be challenged to let a joyful noise emerge not just from their mouth or instrument but also from their heart. Warning: daily dance-offs ahead.  

Session Three: June 25 - 28 “Sensei’s Dojo”

Value: Gentleness
Skillz: Martial Arts and Painting

This week Camp Skillz turns into its very own version of the infamous Dojo. The place of training young students in the disciplines of meditation and body control found in the ancient arts of Jujitsu and Karate. Alongside their Jujitsu and Karate training campers will engage in learning to paint through a variety of techniques. Counselor camper discussions will center around the power that is available in gentleness and self-control, and, in order to master our environment, we must learn to master ourselves. Campers will make their very own masterpiece paintings, learn basic jujitsu and karate, learn to break boards, and learn how to balance their mind and body. Sensei’s dojo is calling… will you answer?

NO CAMP: July 2 - 5

Session Four: July 9 - 12 “Campfire Cook’n”

Value: Patience
Skillz: Culinary and Engineering

What would a camp be without focusing on the one thing that all campers love? Food! This week campers put on the proverbial apron and get to head into the woods for a campfire kitchen where they’ll roast some tasty treats and learn how to safely cook over a fire. They will try their hand at kneading and tossing their own flavored pizza dough, finally, they will learn how to prepare and roll succulent seaweed sushi rolls!   Not only do we find fuel sources in delicious foods but also in ideas to build the future! Campers will team up and tackle carpentry projects, discover how to build effective wind and watermills to generate energy, and enjoy using giant lego building blocks to withstand the big bad wolf’s mighty huffing and puffing. Campers will discover that when bringing something new into existence patience is key and the payoff of that effort is absolutely delicious!

Session Five: July 16 - 19 “Survivor Island”

Value: Order
Skillz: Navigation and Survival Skillz

The original intention behind American summer camps was to get an increasingly urbanized youth back in touch with the natural world. There is still tremendous benefit in getting outside and into nature. Campers will plunge into learning navigational and survival skills which will help them harness the value of thinking ahead, evaluating, and ordering their environment. Can you control your breathing and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow for precision? Can you make your own compass and navigate with it on a hike? Do you know how to read the stars like our ancestors did? Do you know the names of plants and which ones you can and can’t eat? This week is dedicated to exploring the beautiful natural world that God has given. Oh, and we may or may not build our own teepees? You in?


$80 per camper per session

$10 registration fee per camper

A Sliding Fee Scale application is available. Please email to have an  application forwarded to you. All applications and income verification must be received two weeks prior to the start of the Camp session your child(ren) will be attending. You will be notified of any discount eligibility within five business days.

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