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 "For Da' Kids" is a slogan you can hear around here. It is enough to get people to put aside anything else they're doing to see the children thrive.  Whether it's the summer programs of "Camp Skillz" or "Camp Kaibigan," or children's events like the "Bike Rodeo" or the playground initiative, we long to see kids receive every opportunity to experience the best out of life.



Children's Events

During Jesus’ public ministry, he often focused on children (Matt 19:14, Mark 9:36-37). In light of this, so do we. Making a positive impact on the kids now is an investment into their positivity and health in the future. See below for some of the things we have going on for the kids. #fordakids


Camp Skillz

An 8-week summer program where all kids in the Hopewell Neighborhood, ages 6 - 16 come together for a day camp to participate in lessons and activities that facilitate self-expression, enhance academic excellence, and develop practical skills.

Camp Kaibigan

"Kaibigan" means friends. It's like Camp Skills, but for the little ones (ages 3 - 5). It gives Mom a little help a few days a week, and facilitates a time for the kids to hang out with their friends, learn to appreciate books and learn to read.

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Hopewell Hip Hop
Dance Showcase

Last season a "Hip-Hop Showcase" featured some professionals, and youth dance groups, as well as a dance cypher for everyone to dance with the pros.

Bicycle Rodeo

Even the Metro Police gets involved! Last season we had them come out and do safety lessons for the kids in the neighborhood. We also gave away a lot of stuff!

Youth Soccer Camp

With a resident soccer professional who has decades of experience, why wouldn't we host a camp on our field? Last summer Roufs' Ukweli Camp intensively trained about a dozen neighborhood kids.

Every parent wants their child to have good friends, and as I watch Esther with her sweet little friends, I am moved to tears. Camp didn’t just give her friends; the activities and intentionality of facilitators have helped Esther develop the skills to cultivate relationships.
— C. Bargatze