widow and elderly care

Our elderly care program cares for the most vulnerable elderly in the Hopewell neighborhood (where our headquarters is based). Holistic care is provided, ranging from fresh food delivery from our community garden, to transportation for medical services, to housekeeping, and routine social visits. 

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Our history in hopewell

While it may have seemed ideal for a development organization to choose a remote, rural location with lots of acreage, our theological values and the leading of the LORD took us to the edge of the city of Nashville. 

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immigrant and Refugee Care

Our service to refugees is multi-faceted and based upon the needs they themselves have expressed to us. Our main areas of service to refugees are drivers' training, support for pregnant and laboring mothers, and summer kids camps.

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A large part of our Community Service Initiatives are focused on Youth. click below to learn about our youth empowerment programs.