The Creatives was initiated in 2012 by Gregg Garner. From it, The Arts at Center Street Theater Venue was birthed, as well as Center Street Theater Company. Each of these is a response to the need for expression through the arts, seen both in our neighborhood and broader community. It is our goal that our productions and the messages they communicate will spark conversations, provoke reflection, and inspire change. This is the impact we have seen within those who see them and those who participate in bringing them to life, and it is powerful.

The Arts at Center Street is the home venue to Center Street Theater Company, a group of professional actors that annually performs an original work at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, a tradition that began with ALIEN: The Musical in Summer 2015. The company provides an opportunity for inexperienced actors to mingle and learn from seasoned performers, as well as participate in a professional theater production.

Center Street Dance Academy is a place where everyone can find something they enjoy. Our staff is well-trained, but we also believe one of the most important aspects of dance is having fun. So, we strive to combine the discipline of dance with the enjoyment of doing something you love, with friends. 

BREATHE is the story about a gifted Doctor’s ambition to save those he loves by overcoming the limitations set in place by the administrative powers bent on making money, while coming to the sobering realization that he can’t save everyone. Can he confront the power of death and the constraints of time, and surrender his ambitions to be present with those he loves, or will he risk losing those last moments in order to work and possibly save them from dying?

ALIEN: The Musical explores the historical amnesia related to American immigration.  The narrative explores the social realities connected to emigration.  Themes of class struggle, race, power, and generativity come to life in the intersecting stories of two families over the course of 100 years.