God’s got a mission and he’s invited us to join.

Da Mission is a month-long dive into God’s work in El Salvador. This isn’t about seeing the problems of the world and feeling sorry for those who suffer. It’s about learning how you could be part of a solution.

This trip won’t allow you to observe the poor from a safe distance; you’ll have the privilege of walking alongside them. Your eyes will be opened, not only to see from their perspective, but to see from the Lord’s. That kind of exposure can change a life. 


Meet the 2019
Da Mission Participants

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In 2010 I went on Da Mission to India. It was this trip that opened my eyes to poverty and injustices in the world in a way unlike any other experience. God met me. I learned that with God and working alongside others, the load is lessened and what feels like an impossible task, becomes possible. The time I spent in India changed the course of my life. It was after this trip that I rerouted my life to follow Jesus and pursue missions. I had planned on a career in political journalism, but found myself responding to a call from God. I’m so thankful that I went on Da Mission, life wouldn’t be the same had I not gone.
— L. Foster
I loved my experience on Da’ Mission. It gave me the privilege of meeting people that I will never forget - studying God’s Word and worshipping the Lord with them, sleeping in their homes, preparing and sharing meals together, and fellowshipping with who I now consider dear friends for life. It was an intensive journey that felt so timely in my life, to draw me closer to the Lord and expand my worldview right alongside my heart for his children in distant regions of the world.
— L. Thress
I went on Da Mission after graduating from a Christian college. I knew I wanted to get involved in ministry, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate in a local ministry or one that served internationally. I was leaning toward ministry in the states, so I decided to go on Da Mission because I knew travel abroad with GOD Int’l would help me to find an answer. I think I was 3-days into Da Mission when God’s intention for me was clear—I was called to participate in the great commission to the nations
— T. Sherrod
I travelled internationally on missions trips prior to Da mission but the thing that made Da Mission different from any other missions trip I went on was the Bible teaching that happened multiple times a day that helped frame all that we were seeing and experiencing. It helped me learn that I needed to respond and that I could do something to address the poverty I was seeing daily. I learned that if I loved Jesus and said I loved my neighbor, then my life needed to reflect that statement.
— E. Kalama
Living in the moment, being in the “now” was a large part of the lesson I learned on my Da’ Mission. It’s so easy to get caught up in what is to come, what’s next, where life will take you, but that takes away from actually LIVING. As an American in our comfortable world, spontaneity is for the daring and planning is for the responsible. We have such luxury to look beyond now. The poor and marginalized are literally looking, searching, working, praying for their daily bread. Their lives are not less important than ours. Da Mission won’t give you heartache to feel bad, it will make you aware of it to make it right. God can use the willing to give all his children what they truly deserve- a life where they are taken care of, their children can play and be safe, where hardships are shared and the burden is light.
— C. Fowler