Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
— Proverbs 13:12

The Need 

Imagine being a teacher who wholeheartedly believes that the only hope a child has is connected to their education. Yet, most of your school day is spent worrying about what your own children will have to eat for dinner, or how you will afford your rent. Unfortunately, in Uganda, this is a dilemma countless teachers face, which leads to consistent teacher truancy rates or general apathy in the classroom. In fact, Uganda is ranked the highest in the world for teacher truancy (35%), with teachers often missing at least two days of work each week.  How can a student be trained to meet the needs of the future if the teacher can't count on her needs being met in the present?

Our Response

In response, we support the teachers who choose to keep teaching despite such troubles. We offer financial support to teachers, which enables them to put their focus entirely on their students, rather than survival. In addition, we offer teacher training, making sure that instructors are not only present, but equipped to do the best job they can. Finally, this includes providing teachers with the tools they need to teach effectively -- from manipulatives in the classroom to their own lesson books for the classes they teach.

How You Can Help 

We cannot do this alone! From general teacher support to emergency supplies to classroom assistance, the needs are many. But you can help!