Our Mission

An institution of higher education that develops students to be spiritually mature, globally conscious, competent professionals, who practice their Christian faith in any context, making consideration for the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy, and empowerment.

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Undergraduate Programs

The Biblical Studies program is a four-year, 124-credit undergraduate program. It is designed to equip students with the analytical, exegetical, and theological tools necessary to interpret God’s Word responsibly.

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Graduate Programs

The Masters of Theological Studies is a 48-credit master’s program. The MTS program assumes a thorough familiarity with the Bible and the original languages in which it was written. Building on this foundation, the MTS is designed to lead students into a deeper understanding of God’s Word - in regards to both overarching biblical themes that span the canon, as well as more nuanced truths that can be derived from particular texts.

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Online Courses

The Institute Online program is for anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge of the Bible. It is specifically catered towards adult learners who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend a traditional school. Our students range from people involved in full-time ministry and careers to parents of a student enrolled in the Institute or Academy for G.O.D.

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The Institute for Global Outreach Developments International had its inaugural year in the fall semester of 2004. The school was to function as the educational training arm of the organization and had two initial undergraduate programs: a bachelors in biblical studies, and a bachelors in missiology.

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Educational Philosophy

Biblical illiteracy is a problem. Most people who claim to have faith in Jesus have not put in the necessary time to learn his Word, and in turn, understand their faith. People get caught up in the practices of their faith institution, learning to appreciate the symbol, but having little to no idea about its biblical significance. The solution to the problem is not just access to the bible, but teaching people how to read it.

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Though a number of volunteer opportunities take place at our headquarters in Hopewell, the neighborhood is within a greater arena of service: Nashville. Dubbed “the new Ellis island,” Nashville’s diverse population gives students premier opportunities to not only meet needs, but also gain cross-cultural awareness and skills.

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Work Study

The Institute for G.O.D. is blessed to partner with local businesses to offer immediate employment to all Institute students. These employment opportunities allow students to work with one another and learn valuable skills for their future.

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New students enjoy our Student Integration Program. Because G.O.D. is a large organization that has many intricate parts and a special history, it takes some time to get acquainted and feel at home. SIP ensures that new students make that necessary step by conducting weekly meetings and hangouts, homework help, topical bible studies, and mentor relationships.

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