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The Need

Without intervention, youth around the world are in grave danger. In all five of the regions where we work, young people face serious obstacles like teen pregnancy, gang involvement and drug use. Preventing these issues begins with giving opportunities for youth to make good use of their time, learn new skills and develop friendships. Sometimes, these youth meet Jesus and choose to commit themselves in service to others in need, preventing disastrous futures for even more at risk youth.

Our Response

Our work around the world ALWAYS includes youth. We help them to see the potential they have to do something positive with their future--and that their future starts now. In El Salvador and the Philippines we offer bi-annual Bible Conferences and year long internships. In Uganda, we offer a post-secondary Bible education accompanied by skills development training, followed up with job placement opportunities. In every region, kids receive tutoring help, music lessons, play in bands, participate in dramas, coach kids sports teams, gain entrepreneurial skills, and more.

How You Can Help 

You can help ensure all of these opportunities are available to youth, provide the supplies we need to facilitate them, and sponsor youth to participate. Your support shows belief that their story doesn’t have to end badly, that there are people who believe in them, and willing to invest in the opportunity to show them what good they’re capable of.

Thank you for Making Room! 


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