The academy for G.o.d. 

From the Headmaster

Dearest Parents,

Welcome to The Academy for G.O.D.! We are so happy to partner with you in the education of your child(ren). Using our innovative educational approaches we hope to enhance both the cognitive and social development of your student. We believe the result will be a well-equipped, intellectually capable young person, who possesses the moral stature they were created to embody. The world we live in needs the presence of educated, ethical people who understand the value of compassion and service. We are so glad to partner with you in raising those kinds of world changers!

Fall 2018 commences the 6th official year of the Academy. We are pleased to continue expanding and refining our curriculum, programming, and overall educational schematics. This ensures our diverse body of students have an education that is appropriate, relevant, and guides them towards our school’s mission and God’s will for their life.

Jesus said, “In my Father's house are many places. I go to prepare a place for you.” Please know that the Lord has prepared a place for your student here at The Academy. Each child is special in their own way, and it’s our job to find that gift in their person and help them develop it. It doesn’t happen over night, but over time, and with some faithfulness, we get to witness kids grow up into competent, capable and responsible adults, possessing something tangible, meaningful, and effective to a world in need.

Serving Together,

Gregg Garner
The Academy for G.O.D.



The Academy for G.O.D.
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