FAQs for Prospective Parents

What is The Academy's legal status?

The Academy for G.O.D is a Category IV non-public school, registered with the state of Tennessee and in compliance with all associated requirements. We are also members of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).  Thus, we adhere to the local laws pertaining to enrollment and attendance, as well as safety requirements such as extensive fire alarm systems and weather-related school closure. 


What is the academic calendar for 2018-2019?

Our full academic calendar for 2018-2019 may be viewed HERE


What days and times is school in session each week?

School days are Monday through Friday. Our Kindergarten program session runs from 8:45am-1:15pm, and the rest of the students' school hours are 8:45am-3:15pm. We follow a standard school calendar, beginning in August and ending in May each year, and acknowledge seasonal breaks and major holidays.


What types of technology are used in the classroom?

The iPad is our main manipulative, or tool, used for homework assignments, supplemental learning, and student collaboration. In the classroom, teachers utilize various types of technology for both lessons and to enhance student-teacher interaction. We suggest a minimum of an iPad Mini 2 or Air 1 with 32 gigs with 12 gigs reserved for school use only.

Each classroom is outfitted with a projector, or large screen TV monitor, plus an “Apple TV” and sound system, so that videos, presentations and other visual or audio lesson formats can be utilized in the classroom. There is school wide broad-band internet with protected access for students. While on campus, all students are part of a “closed universe” with no access to web browsers.


How does the school promote its values?

Each week an ethical value is widely promoted to expose students to ways of being that are essential to living lives of integrity. These values are derived from the Bible (i.e. honesty, patience, generosity, kindness) where certain scriptures are memorized to capture the essence of the value.  Both the meaning and the practice of the value are reiterated in classes and during our weekly large group experience we call “Chapel.”


How many students are currently enrolled and what is your teacher : student ratio?

We have 200 students enrolled at the Academy.  Depending on the level, the teacher-student ratio is 1:14.


Are there school portraits during the year?

The Academy offers professional portraits through Details Nashville once each semester.  All students will have a formal headshot in the fall as well as a class and student body portrait. Each spring, all students will have a casual, outdoor portrait in addition to another class and student body portrait. All photos will be made available to parents for purchase, and a picture “make-up day” will be offered as necessary.


What types of school events take place throughout the year?

Each year, the Academy hosts a variety of special events to showcase student work, raise funds for a project, extend hospitality to students’ grandparents or celebrate a great achievement such as the end of the school year.  Parents will be informed of these events through a monthly “school events calendar” and even asked to participate in the planning, set up and other arrangements as necessary. Our events are purposeful, planned with care to reflect our school values, and we often find these times to be a great opportunity for family and community engagement.


Does the Academy have sports teams?

K-4 Sports

    The Academy for G.O.D partners with Mid State Youth Sports (MSYS) and offers team sports including soccer and volleyball to our Elementary and Jr. High students on our school campus.  Mid State Youth Sports provides quality sports leagues and tournaments for youth ages 3-17 in the greater Nashville area.   MSYS is committed to facilitating cost efficient leagues in an organized manner and consistently displays integrity while emphasizing the importance of excellent sports officials. Learn more at https://midstateyouthsports.com

5th-12th Sports Program

    The Academy for G.O.D. is a member of the Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference (MTAC). The Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference is an association of small schools existing to assist member schools by providing leadership and coordination for the administration of interscholastic athletics, which will enhance the educational experiences of student athletes. The Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference will promote participation and sportsmanship in developing good citizens through interscholastic athletics, which provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to student athletes while achieving their educational goals.  Through our membership with MTAC, we offer sports opportunities for our 5th-12th grade students.  For the 2017-2018 school year we are offering girls volleyball and coed soccer.  


How often do students receive recess while at school?

Our philosophy for recess and playground activities at the Academy is to help reinforce the fundamentals of staying safe, teamwork, unity, inclusion and having fun! We don’t merely want to play sports or games in a way that always favors the stronger athlete. Instead, we want all students to feel a sense of security in themselves to participate in all activities, despite how new the activity may be for them.

We accomplish this by creating games and activities throughout the campus for students to develop their social, emotional, and physical skills. During every recess and free-time opportunity the students will experience an environment where they can be themselves and enjoy the opportunity to be creative while working with other students. 

K-6 students receive 3 recesses a day in their schedule. We believe that students need brain breaks throughout the day so that they can be at their optimal performance level when in class. Jr High and High School students receive 2 recesses a day in their schedule along with  a lunch break.  


Do you offer an ‘after kinder care’ childcare service for kindergarten students that have older siblings being dismissed at a later time? 

Commuting families that have a kindergarten student as well as another student enrolled at the Academy are eligible for our ‘after kinder care’ program.  Each year this program is evaluated based upon the interest of families that fall within this category.  If the interest is such that we can provide the service, after kinder care operates at the Academy following kindergarten dismissal from 1:15 until 3:15 when all other students dismiss.  This service is made available for a monthly fee that is added directly to your monthly tuition.  


Are there school field trips?

All students, K-12, will have two field trips per semester organized by school administration and lead teachers.  Field trips are purposeful in the type of activity and service opportunities for our students. Each trip aims to reinforce a value or lesson the students have learned in their semester courses.

We value giving our students the opportunity to be active participants within the local community and developing hearts for service. McKendree Village is a continuing care retirement community located just 4 miles from the Academy.  Each semester, all students have the opportunity to take at least one trip to McKendree Village to serve the residents there.  Whether it be a performance, a craft, or visiting residents in their rooms, students learn to show care and concern for the elderly population in our area.  Students and residents both benefit from these interactions and look forward to these trips. 


May I tour (or visit) the school?

The Academy does not host individual tours during school hours. All tours are event-based and by RSVP only. 


The Academy for G.O.D.
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