Center Street Recording Studios

Music is a form of communication that can be transformative.  In many cultures, music serves as an important vehicle for the expression of experiences, values, and perspective. Here at G.O.D. Int’l, we embrace the diverse ways that those in our community utilize musical expression. From recording songs that envision freedom and equity for all people, to bands practicing the musical styles of the regions in which we work, we are committed to developing our skills in this realm.


Over the years, it became evident that a designated space for the practice, development, and recording of music would be beneficial.   In response to this growing need, two rooms in our facility have recently been converted into a professional quality recording and rehearsal space, now known as Center Street Studio.

UnNamed Servant ( completed their most recent record, Invitation to Exile, in the new studio, after years of setting up makeshift home studios to complete their various projects.  They take advantage of the studio for weekly band practices and to work on new songs.

Each regional team at G.O.D. Int’l has an organized band, and these bands also have access to the studio.  It is not uncommon to hear songs in various languages being rehearsed throughout the week.

We have an increasing number of songwriters and singers that find the studio space valuable as they improve their skills working with music. While the studio is designed primarily for musical endeavors, it has also already been used extensively for video production.

At the Institute for G.O.D. Int’l, classes are offered that use the studio space as well. Several days a week, the space is used as a hands-on laboratory for learning musical skills, video production, and photography. Through these classes, students learn basic skills within these arenas of communication.

Center Street Recording Studios is used on a daily basis here at G.O.D. Int’l.   We are excited about the ways that the space has already been used in the short time since its completion and we look forward to the many ways it will be used in the coming years.