New Workshop Provides Training Ground for Sustainable Building Project

Since 2005 I have taught a course called Practical Projects in the Arts as part of the curriculum at the Institute for G.O.D. Int’l. The class enables students to learn a variety of skills related to sustainable building projects.  We have always hoped that one day the class would have a facility that would enable students to practice their practical building skills as they tackle some of the fundamental health and sanitary issues facing the developing world today. Since the beginning, we have set up shop, literally, in homes, a storage garage, under a pop-up tent, in office buildings, but more often than not, out in the open air.

I am overjoyed at the opportunity we now have to work and learn skills out of a 30’ by 70’ workshop complete with classroom space. It is a basic shelter, but one which we intend to utilize to its fullest capacity in the years to come. As a teacher, this allows me to instruct students safely and efficiently without spending valuable class time commuting to off-campus sites, or setting up a tent. As one who helps maintain our facilities, I am confident that this shop will increase our productivity immensely as we work to improve our 60-year-old facility.

My hope is that we will never forget all the ways in which God has led us. The humble beginnings of our organization have taught us well, teaching us to be content whether we have plenty or are in need. I am incredibly grateful to have such a facility, and at the same time humbled by the responsibility we now carry to ensure that those with the most basic needs reap the benefits of its use.