Blessing and Responsibility

The Bible teaches that children are a blessing, and at G.O.D. Int'l we have experienced great blessing by the addition of many children over the last ten years. We have grown from one child in 2005 to the now almost 80 children! It is our desire to provide quality, affordable childcare to the parents that work in full time service with G.O.D. Int'l. We are praying and asking the Lord for favor as we move towards the purchase and licensing of a childcare building in which we can conduct this daycare service for parents who are employed full-time with G.O.D. Int'l, studying to develop occupational skills, and taking classes at the Institute.

We do not take this responsibility lightly, as investing into the next generation is a fundamental aspect of partnering with God to bring LIGHT to all people. We see this not only as an effort we will make while training in occupational, biblical, and missiological studies, but also as a practice that will parallel with our efforts abroad. As a ministry our practice is to begin developing capacities now that we can utilize in the future. We believe that what we do now is what we will do abroad, and the only difference will be the setting within which we do it.

Because we send families abroad, we are in need of organized, quality programs to care for, nurture, and educate their children while they serve in different sectors of society.

As the committee working towards facilitating these programs, we are excited to embark on the way we believe God is leading us. We believe God for the support we will need from him as we prayerfully consider the way in which this daycare will take shape and how it can best serve families as they serve the Lord.

We ultimately hope that through the expansion of building space we will be able to provide quality, affordable childcare to low-income and single parent families in our immediate vicinity. The burden we feel for the education and care of children is not limited to those that benefit G.O.D. Int'l as full time employees. In contrast, in the future we hope to have the facilities and manpower to offer what we believe can be the best daycare program in our area. Please pray for the discernment of our organization’s leadership and the leadership of the current children’s programs we have in place as we take steps in this new and exciting direction.