Making Music in El Salvador

It is the job of every person of faith to find where God is working, and partner with that work. When we met a group of young people from the community where we are based in El Salvador, we knew that we were joining something God was already doing. There are few things more exhilarating than that. Over the past few years, we have been developing a relationship with a group of very special youth --we have learned their stories, been to their church, and heard their songs. They are passionate, hospitable, and they want to share their passion for God with others in their community. We want to help them.

Lavinia Fernandez with Lorena.

This December several of our development workers will travel to El Salvador to host a youth service week for around 60 young people in the community where we work. We will facilitate bible studies; times of worship; service projects; sports clinics; kids camps; and an in-depth music, songwriting, and audio-recording seminar.

Last spring several of our leaders had a conversation with Lorena, a youth leader. She has been responsible for teaching the word of God, and she believes an opportunity like this will be life changing -- not just for the youth but also for their families and their community.  We are excited to partner with and work alongside Lorena and their church community, knowing that she will be a consistent example of faith and truth for all the youth we will serve this winter.  

There are several ways you can join with us in bringing this experience to our friends in El Salvador. For every youth who attends the SLAM week, we need to raise $150. This cost includes travel, food, lodging and all the materials needed for facilitation of sports and service projects. Commit to sponsoring one or two youth in the amount of $150, and let us share with you the fruit that comes as a result!

While Rafael Reyes was in El Salvador he taught music to this eager group. He helped them make their own fret boards out of wood, nails, and string, so that they could practice at home. 

Additionally, a significant part of our week will consist of a music production and recording workshop, facilitated by Britt Edwards and Rafael Reyes. Britt, senior audio technician at Center Street Recording Studios, brings a wealth of experience in recording, while Rafael will contribute both his skill as a musician and an instructor in continuing to develop these musicians. Youth will learn not just advance their skills in playing music, but they will also be provided the equipment necessary to record their own music.

Music is part of every culture. It brings people together. It's a way to express joy and sorrow, to lift spirits and to tell stories. But for people who focus every day on survival, creating music is a distant privilege. It shouldn't be this way.

Rafael will be one of the team members on the upcoming trip to El Salvador, where he will continue investing in local youth utilizing the medium of music. 

We want to bring music into communities and homes, giving youth an opportunity to express themselves though song. We want to empower individuals to not only learn, but to write and share their work with families and friends. This is one small, but important part of a week that we believe will have a great impact on our friends in El Salvador, and bring the possibility for change in their families and communities.

We thank you for your support and appreciated your continued prayers and we prepare for this time! We have only a few short weeks to meet our goal of $5000. Click here to give!