G.O.D. Increases Educational Programming in Tacloban

The South East Asia development team is currently in the process of acquiring a facility out of which we can operate various educational programs in the Tacloban City area. We are working to have a secure a facility by mid-November after which time Brett Madron, Ty and Meg Mathews and Jason Carpenter will travel to Tacloban to assist the Miller family in renovating and setting up the facility to host our first Bible conference in the Philippines. 

The Bible conference will give us a concerted time to teach the Bible to a group of young people and at the same time get out in the community and serve those in greatest need. 

We will also be inviting over a few friends from neighboring island Cebu to join us for our time in Tacloban.   Pray for the short time we will be on the ground from November 29-December 15.  We are preparing for a very productive time!