Academy for G.O.D. Renovations bring together Volunteers

Renovations to our new 5,880 square foot Academy building are well underway, with the students themselves reminding us (daily) of their excitement for us to be done with their school!

Academy teachers don't just teach! Teachers Chris Cameron and Brandon Galford (also an Academy parent) volunteer their time to renovate the new school. 

As is the case with many of our projects, this endeavor has also provided relationships to be forged and strengthened. Parents of children at the Academy partner with employees of G.O.D. and Institute students have been working together on this project. The college student volunteers in particular have been learning new practical skills. This serves as a practical supplement to the biblical education they are receiving. In their classes they learn the importance of setting up a safe environment for children to learn in, just as God did for his children from the very beginning. Through this project, they are getting to enact that same practice...the same day they learn about it! There is something really special in that. 

So far we've been able to have power hooked up to the building, pass our plumbing rough-in, and anticipate passing our electrical rough-in this week (Nov 2) with the help of MCH (our Plumbing and Electrical Contractor).  As soon as we pass the electrical rough-in, we'll be able to begin putting the drywall on.  This coming week we will begin painting the exterior of the building and begin excavation of the access road.

There's a lot to do! If you want to participate in this project and volunteer some time, we'd love to have you out.  Saturdays' from 7am-3pm have been designated for volunteers to come help.  We'd love to see you!

Please pray with us for safety as we continue the construction process.  But most importantly, pray for the children that God has entrusted us with. We are doing our very best to instill in them the values they need to navigate this world with godly values and integrity. The future is bright! The future is far more than a bigger building. 

Josh Kurtz
Director of Facilities, G.O.D. Int'l