India Team Focuses on Women's Empowerment this Winter

On December 28th, we are sending representatives to India!  Rosemary Sherrod will continue her ethnographic exploration of the psychology of women in India.  In her three weeks in India, Sherrod will interview women so that we can further understand their perspective on the issues like infanticide, sex selective abortions, child marriage, and widowhood. 

In addition to Sherrod, Kelly Jobe and Laura Voight will begin their six month internship in India.  Both Jobe and Voight will be extensively studying Hindi and volunteering with local organizations. Voight will volunteer in local clinics and elementary schools so that we can continue to respond to India's urgent health needs and children's education. Jobe will volunteer with a local news agency and publishing house. She will also continue a photo documentary project that follows the lives of birth workers both in the US and in India. This project will tell the stories of birth workers who are working tirelessly to save mothers and babies and put faces to the staggering statistics surrounding maternal health in India.

Please pray for these ladies as they prepare to serve!

Andrew Bartlett
Director of G.O.D. India Region