Winter Team to East Africa: Goals Announced

Bible conferences have always been a part of our work, no matter the region. Our brothers and sisters in East Africa are some of the most eager students we've ever met. 

In less than a month, we will be sending two teams to East Africa. The first team, comprised of Gregg Garner, Adam Loeffler, Canaan Kagay, and myself, will be hosting a youth conference for college-aged students. This conference will bring both Ugandan and Kenyan youth together to worship, learn the Word, and gain a better understanding of G.O.D.’s work in East Africa. Our Kenyan cooperatives have been teaching a group of students in their area for nearly a decade. During this special time, they will gather with Ugandan students for an in-depth bible conference. We are thrilled to offer this to them. (Learn how you can help!) 

Gregg and Adam will also be looking into business opportunities while in Uganda. Providing job opportunities for our East African participants is an important part of sustaining our work abroad. As we look to the future, we hope to offer jobs in an ethical work environment to many in East Africa, where estimates of youth unemployment range from 62% - 83% --the highest in all of Africa. 

An "Immersion trip" is one step of several in training competent development workers for the third world. 

We will also be making preparations in advance for the second team coming, a group of 10 Immersion participants. This team, made up of students at the Institute for G.O.D., will be exposed to the people, culture, language, and spheres of development that G.O.D. operates within in Uganda. This trip will be one of many designed to prepare these students to operate and serve in the context of Uganda. By the end of this trip, these students should have better a picture of our ministry in Uganda and a catalyst to keep them preparing and studying to serve the needs of the people. 

On school holiday, parents still have to work and children still flood the primary school property for lack of anything else to do. Our kids camp will fill what would be idle time with good activities. 

While in Uganda, the Immersion team will also be spending their first week serving the children at St. John's Elementary through a week-long skills camp. This camp will focus primarily on character development and also ensure that these children are fed lunch everyday, something that far too many children in Uganda are not guaranteed. (See how you can help!

In addition, the team will engage in projects on our land plot. They will offer support and help in our current projects that include food production, building, primary education and health care. Please pray for these two teams. Look forward to updates from the field!