Sustainability through Food Production

Our goal in working with our East African family is that they would be able to sustain themselves through their work. This can be a difficult task with the conditions that exist in East Africa. However, with education both from God’s Word and in practical skills, we believe that we will achieve this goal. 

Seth Davis, farmer and Director of Agriculture at G.O.D. International, has been instrumental in helping organize our land plot in Uganda for maximum efficiency and output. 

We are blessed to have 7 acres of land in Uganda. The land is fertile and largely undeveloped, making it an extremely beneficial resource in moving towards economic sustainability. Growing food on our land will allow our EA Family to have enough for themselves to eat, and to sell in the local market for income. This is the goal we are working toward.

In the next 6 months our EA cooperatives will triple the size of their current growing space. The majority of this land with be agriculturally developed into double – dug, bio-intensive garden beds that will allow for the both the maximization of space and production. By doing this, we will not only be able to work towards sustainability, but also be able to model the possibility that exists for our surrounding neighbors in Uganda. 

We are also excited to announce that Reuben Ndwiga, our Director of Agriculture for East Africa will be moving with his family from Kenya to Uganda in January. Reuben is an expert  grower, and has much to offer our Ugandan co-laborers in terms of food production. We look forward to the benefit his presence will offer to our agriculture efforts. 

Our activity this season is focused on growing food. We are blessed to be a part of God’s economy, where one can invest into the ground and look forward to a return that can feed us. As we strive to be faithful to what the Lord has made us responsible for, we believe that he will provide everything that we need. If you would like to support our food production efforts in Uganda, please click here.

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