Assisting Understaffed Schools in the Philippines

Banezville Elementary School is located in the neighborhood of our community center.  It is home to 800 students with only 23 teaching and non-teaching staff.  

Yesterday I sat with the principal for just a few minutes to discuss us partnering with them into the future for academic tutoring and to let her express her heart for her students. They are eager for assistance and she kept saying that she hopes that we can bring some more enhanced instructional materials than her teachers currently have to offer.  

Teachers are doing their best to help students but so many teachers and students alike are still trying to overcome the incredible sense of loss from the typhoon that hit.  When I asked the principal what struggles she faces the most, the concerns were mostly related to material needs and repairs that need to take place.  Hard to fault her for subtly soliciting funds.  We are eager to work with this school over the next few months to setup opportunities for some underachieving students to receive the care they can't get in a classroom where a teacher also has to help 39 other students.