A Day of Rest with Our Friends

Today was a day of rest. On our end, even on a short trip like this, it's necessary to take intentional time to worship the Lord and sit and enjoy what he has done in our lives, and the lives of those around us. Though we do this in part every day, we get to dwell in it longer on Sunday. For our friends, it's important that they remember that life is more than food and clothing, life is more than work. With the heavy burdens that they carry, we remind them that a day of rest, remembrance, and worship with their family and friends is important. God thinks it's so important he places it as the fourth command, as something we should "keep holy" (Ex. 20:8-11). 

Aaron took family photos today--and deemed it the most fun he's ever had at a family photo shoot. Small gestures like this one help ensure that everyone is counted, censused, put on the map of history. In Africa, many people are without birth certificates, identification, or simply a photo with their family. We were happy to give them this gift, a sign of their importance in God's eyes and our own.

I talked about the bible with our Kenyan brothers and also with the young students. We played soccer on our small pitch. Gideon [Peter's son] played with us and he is so good! We passed out some of the clothes and books that our team packed, and everyone was very appreciative. 

George Kigozi, father to Moses, whom we supported in finishing high school and throughout his electrician training, came and thanked us. He expressed his gratitude for supporting Moses, and how touched he has been for what we have done for his family. 

Our day ended with worship. Francis shared about doing the will of God on earth, as it is done in heaven. He equated the work we are doing here in Uganda with bringing the will of God to earth. Moses, a student, was deeply impacted that the will of God is one, done on earth, two, in the context of your own community, and three, that it is something tangible, that he could be involved with immediately. Today was another good day (deep satisfied breath)...so good.