Open Mic Night - May 30th

The Arts at Center Street will host its second open mic event Saturday, May 30, 2015. The first, titled “Odes & Odysseys,” which debuted in Spring 2014, featured our very own artist in residence, Benjamin Reese.

When asked about his motivation as a poet, Reese said, “I write poetry because I want to use language in surprising, inventive, and meaningful ways. I want to speak something that doesn’t just communicate facts, but moves, challenges, and awakens the listener.”

Of last year's event, reviewer Brynn Buchanan wrote, “Poetry knows no borders. It crosses cultures, genders, and generations. It can be used and shared by both the literate and illiterate. It is a medium that powerful history writers cannot commandeer, for whoever can speak an honest word can tell a poem. It was in this spirit that the night of poetry was enjoyed, and, considering such, it was quite a success.” It is in this same spirit that we continue our tradition of creating a space and a moment for poets to share their words with others.

This year, The Arts at Center Street invites musicians and poets to perform. Benjamin Reese will return as resident featured poet, with the addition of local artist, Saran Thompson. A bilingual hip-hop artist, poet and music producer from Antioch, Tennessee, Thompson strives to write in such a way that promotes positivity and reinforces integrity with his listeners.

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