Ensuring Success: Team Sent to Uganda

Today Cameron Kagay (Regional Director for East Africa), Derek Bargatze (International Director for Students Living A Mission), and Aaron Montgomery (Web Designer and Photographer) departed for Uganda, East Africa. Gregg Garner (President and CEO of G.O.D. Int'l) will meet them there in a few days.

This particular trip has multiple goals, which are set in the context of our team goals. The three main focuses of the East Africa region at this time are food production, primary education, and theological education. This trip will allow the men to evaluate each of these spheres, as well as document our projects to bring greater awareness. The team will investigate what factors are preventing our cooperatives from achieving success, and attempt to troubleshoot solutions for greater improvement. Kagay will be conducting a variety of meetings to ensure that our team on the ground is moving towards sustainability in every area of life, from their family’s basic budgeting and income, to new projects in animal husbandry and building. Bargatze will be able to set up logistics for our Summer Internship and SLAM trips in the coming months, and propose more ways that we can help. Montgomery will be documenting our different projects on the ground in order to increase awareness of our work, particularly at St. John's school, our water well projects, and the sustainability of our compound.

Being responsible for a primary school of 300 plus students, growing food on more than 40 beds, utilizing solar power and water catchment methods, and teaching theology at the collegiate level all require consistent evaluation in regards to their viability and success. But even more than that, we believe that our human resources—our cooperatives, students, and friends—need constant encouragement in the Word in order to continue doing something that is new, and even challenging to their culture. Our Kenyan cooperatives, Reuben Ndwiga and Simon Njeru, will join the men on the field in Uganda.

Together, Kenyans, Americans, and Ugandans, are believing that we can make a difference in Uganda, starting on a seven-acre land plot outside of Kampala with a small community of people who are faithful and diligent to do the will of the Father. Please pray for these men as they travel, work, and encourage the work that God has started, and that we are blessed enough to be a part of.

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