So Grateful: A Letter from Uganda

Our Ugandan cooperative, Peter Kimbugwe, wrote us a letter recently that was too good not to share. We have been working with Peter since 2004, when we first began serving in Uganda. A brick-maker and farmer by trade, Peter also has a gift for languages, and has served as our primary translator in Uganda for over a decade. He now serves as our chief instructor at the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa, on top of other administrative responsibilities, gardening, and launching an animal husbandry endeavor with his wife, Cissy. This year, we were able to build Peter a home on our property, which will allow him even more freedom to use his giftings in to further our projects and programs. 

Hello brethren,

I am so thankful for all that the LORD is doing in our lives, transforming us to the likeness of his son through his word. It's so wonderful to learn about his ways and to know them and to walk in them. I can't imagine the anxiety, the [fluctuation] that I would have felt in my life if I had not known the LORD. It is amazing that to be in relationship with God, which automatically demands to be in good relationship with God's people as well, this brings a sense of joy and fulfillment to our lives. Not forgetting the high calling to serve the creator of the universe, and the blessed opportunity of becoming his children and representatives on earth, it is great.

We are so grateful for the kind of love and care that is constantly shown to us through different ways, I feel like I do not have the real and true words to express our joy and appreciation for the new home. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and it leaves me missing the right words to use, but we are so thankful and grateful for all the hard work, dedication and commitment that has been displayed by everyone, may the LORD bless everyone that has been involved in the construction of our home. On the other hand  it challenges me in different ways as well, as we strive to serve together in this vocation.

My family is doing well, the kids are growing so fast, they have started their first term holidays, which will take them a slightly more than three weeks. It's now raining and we are busy organizing the gardens. Cissy's [Peter's wife's] pigs produced two young ones. 

Please extend our greetings, love and appreciation to all the brethren, we truly love you, miss you, and we pray for you often, God bless you so much.

Peter Kimbugwe
East African Cooperative of G.O.D. Int'l