The Work Continues in Uganda

These past two weeks in Uganda were beyond full. I believe that the Lord helped us to accomplish what we set out to do, and more. As was mentioned in earlier posts, these objectives included: helping our cooperatives achieve greater efficiency in their daily work (including achieving better project management, timelines, and goal setting), preparing for the upcoming semester at the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa, and solving issues that were keeping the community garden and animal husbandry projects from thriving. In addition, we were able to organize for the construction of Reuben Ndwiga's home on the land, who will be instrumental in expanding our garden operation. We also, through the help of Gregg Garner, taught teachers at St. John's how to better organize their classrooms, teaching schedules, and curriculum goals. We talked about authority, leadership, accountability, and more. Most importantly, we made sure that our team on the ground was placing the utmost priority on studying God's Word and giving adequate time to prayer and worship, both individually and corporately. This is what will make all former goals succeed--not just by completing the tasks assigned, but by paying attention to the way in which such goals are achieved--with excellence and distinctiveness, according to God's Word. 

Speaking as the Regional Director, I am continuing my work from this end.  Being on the ground helped me to know how I can better serve our team there, as well as how I can connect our team (stateside) to their needs. This trip has given me another opportunity to testify to God's faithfulness, as I can so clearly see his ongoing work in our friends in Africa. People who were once forgotten by the world are now a dynamic team of individuals who are making a mark on their area through their work as bible teachers, elementary school educators, sustainable farmers, builders, and most importantly, people who know how to live according to God's Word. Their families are the healthiest that they have ever been. 

From this point forward, our work is carried out on the ground by our ten cooperatives and eight college students, who are supported and strengthened by our team in the U.S. Summer interns will arrive in Uganda in June and stay through July, led by Stefanie Price and Brandon Galford. They will offer educational enhancement and extra-curricular activities at St. John's Primary. They will also be planting gardens, building eco-stoves, and conducting preventative health seminars for people in need in the surrounding area. 

On our land, three additional homes need to be built this year, along with water catchment tanks. Reuben Ndwiga is prioritized as the first one in need of a home. As our manager of agriculture, it is imperative that he transitions to Uganda to oversee our garden operation. In the fall, we have the space to double our student body at the Institute for G.O.D. East Africa. 

I am grateful for all that the Lord has been doing and look forward to see how he continues to grow our community in Uganda. There is a lot to do. I believe that as we press forward in faith together, the Lord will help us to be a light to our neighbors in Uganda who are watching us. Please stay tuned to read more about our work in Uganda, and, feel free to support the wonderful work that God is doing here