G.O.D. Elementary becomes the Academy for G.O.D. (K-12)

Students participate in a "market" with math teacher, Mrs. Galford, and practiced how to use currency in exchange for goods. 

GOD Elementary began two years ago, with an enrollment of just over 20 students. Our school instantly began growing and expanding, adding new students even before the first semester had come to a close. It wasn’t long before our starting point became a stepping stone into the future; looking forward, anticipating the needs of this next generation, we knew we had to offer a K-12 education. We initiated the requisite process, and by the onset of our second year as a school, we expanded to include a middle school as well. Now, as we begin our third year, what began as G.O.D. Elementary is now the Academy for G.O.D. - a comprehensive K-12 school!

On a practical level, this means that we can now receive all school-aged students, from kindergarten up through high school. We are most excited about the continuity of education this change guarantees our students. Our approach is unique in that it addresses each student holistically, and as an individual – both of which require reflective consideration and collaboration from our teachers. Without a low student teacher ratio, we couldn’t effectively enact this kind of education, but with our 7:1 ratio, we can.

Students celebrate on the last day of school during a worship time, thanking God for their year together. At the end, one young boy jumped on the stage and yelled "I love this school!"

Beginning in kindergarten, we build the intellectual foundation each child needs in order to then attain academic knowledge. We develop the whole child, and we believe this is necessary in order to produce critically thinking young adults who are equipped to offer constructive contribution to society.

It would be a great challenge to see this educational approach come to fruition if our students had to disburse once they completed their elementary school years. Now that the Academy for GOD exists, we can see students all the way through to high school graduation. And our K-12 school will be supported by the new building currently undergoing renovation, which boasts 5,800 square feet, 10 classrooms, and capacity for 200 students. We say, let the children come to us!