Bible College Growing in Uganda

This week kicked off our fall semester for the Institute for East Africa. Five new students have joined us this year, bringing our student body to twelve! The community began the week with Orientation, where current students joined new ones to worship, hear from the Word, pray, and hear a preview of the good things to come during their semester. 

Students gather in our outdoor meeting area for their Old Testament class, taught by G.O.D. EA cooperative Peter Kimbugwe. 

This semester, the East Africa Institute is offering two courses: Old Testament Survey and Introduction to Community Development.

Old Testament Survey will be taught by Peter Kimbugwe, G.O.D. East Africa cooperative and lead instructor of the Institute. Through the course, students will be introduced to seven books of the Old Testament not covered by their own course: Leviticus, Numbers, Ruth, Esther, Lamentations, Ezra and Nehemiah. The class is a favorite of many students at the Institute for G.O.D., as it gives students an introduction to the concept of holiness, and how the people of God should be set apart in the world. Students also gain an introductory look at women in the Scriptures through the books of Ruth and Esther. In addition, they look at the history and meta-narrative of Israel as the class spans the wilderness wanderings until the so-called post-exile. New students at the Institute for G.O.D. in Nashville are also enrolled in OT Survey this semester, which will hopefully provoke some cross-cultural long-distance dialogue. 

In addition, students are gaining an Introduction to Community Development--a course specifically designed for our students in East Africa. The course will be taught by all three of our Ugandan cooperatives: Lawrence Ssemakula, Francis Lubega and Peter Kimbugwe. This class will survey theories of development implemented in third world environments with a specific focus in Africa. The course will root the concept of community through particular biblical passages, focusing on shared values, unity, proximity, shared goals and covenant. At the end of the semester, students and teachers will develop their own plan for helping develop their local community. 

One of the new students writes, "I have found this time very welcoming and hospitable. I have also enjoyed the opportunity this community offers us, to learn as we work. The biblical teachings have helped me to get closer to God."

Another says, " "It’s wonderful here, the older students are very co-operative, ready to assist in every possible way, they try to answer all the questions we ask, which has helped us very much to fit in, and adapt. At first, waking up early before 6 am for morning prayers was challenging, but now am getting used to. Adjusting from the old way of teaching to a new way that goes deeper into the word of God, has also been a great challenge, but I like it."

We are excited about what the Lord is doing and that he is continuing to grow our community in East Africa. We look forward to a great semester of learning God’s Word--the foundation of everything else we do! Please join us in praying for these wonderful young people, and their journey with the Lord.


While enrollment for the fall semester is now closed, all interested students can apply for the Spring semester. Learn more about the Institute for G.O.D. EA here