In Pictures: Camp Skillz 2015 Recap

Camp Skillz, a summer camp program facilitated by Global Outreach Developments International, has concluded its fourth consecutive year in Old Hickory, TN, where it provided over 125 campers (aged 6-16) with a fun and safe place to spend their summer days, along with the opportunity to enhance practical skills in a variety of hands-on workshops.


Equipped with 16 counselors and over 60 volunteers, Camp Skillz offered a total of 8 daily educational workshops and over 40 additional classes that taught everything from music to henna, hip-hop dance to agriculture, and cooking to poetry.


On a day-to-day basis, the camp gave kids time to use their energy and develop physically by playing a mixture of team sports and field games, maneuvering through obstacles (like skateboarding), while learning important lessons about working as a team, healthy competition, and setting and meeting goals. 


Campers were also encouraged to develop their critical thinking, communication, and relational skills, all the while having fun in competitive team-based puzzles and games, solving mysteries, and having small-group discussions.


Moreover, what is a summer camp without water activities?  Every week included at least one day fully designated for water games, often featuring 40+ foot water slides, floats, and Super Soakers.


In the finale of water days, campers enjoyed a giant, colorful, inflatable water slide.


Besides all of the fun and games, campers were able to develop practical skills in an educational workshop of their choice.  In one of those workshops, campers were instructed by Josh Kurtz in how to safely use power tools while they constructed picnic tables.


In another workshop on Photography, Kelly Jobe taught campers how to work a digital camera along with proper compositional techniques for creating excellent pictures.


Other workshops included Drama, Dance, Cooking, Gardening, "How Stuff Works,” Sewing and Design, and a few more.  All of them presented campers with numerous, valuable skills to be learned.


In addition to Camp Skillz being a place where kids can fill their summer days with loads of fun, it’s a wonderful vehicle for the development of relevant skills.  Because the camp caters to kids from low-income backgrounds, many of the campers are able to participate in opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them.