Youth Soccer League Launch in El Salvador

We care how youth in El Salvador spend their free time. Dead time is just that. Dead. And there’s too much of it in rural communities. That’s why we’ve been thinking up ways to offer dynamic, educational, and social opportunities for youth. This week our cooperatives are starting a youth soccer league. It’s more than a sport. It’s a medium to communicate the values of teamwork, fairness, and healthy competition. Here, Amilcar and William, two of our youth in our core group in El Salvador, share their excitement for the opportunity they have to create a youth soccer league. 

The youth featured in this article are constructing soccer goals out of bamboo for their neighborhood league. 

The youth featured in this article are constructing soccer goals out of bamboo for their neighborhood league. 

Amilcar and I [Willian] are thankful to God for the opportunity that he’s given us to work in his kingdom. We are very excited to start this new soccer league. We know that it’s an opportunity to serve others, and in this case, to serve the children of the communities.  

We want to change the faulty values our society is teaching kids. We see a lot of selfishness and competition. Kids from one community can’t get along with kids from another community. We want to break these barriers down by teaching them new values, values that are in accord with God’s word, replacing selfishness with love for one another.

We know that it won’t be easy, but we have faith and believe God will help us. We are praying that this league will be a success, bearing much good fruit.

Amilcar speaks about his experience:

We're all saying "thumbs up" to this project!

First, I’m thankful to God for this opportunity to work for him. Even with this small task -- putting together a soccer league -- we’re helping kids live together in peace. The task isn’t easy for me. Honestly, I don’t always know why kids act the way they do, and that can irritate me, but I have faith in God that I can do it well. I know that I have friends that will support me. So I’m excited to teach kids and make a difference in their life.

From Willian:

This league is a great opportunity to serve and teach children about God’s word. When the team talked to me about creating this soccer league, that they wanted us to help organize it, I was very excited. What a great opportunity to serve! I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m not too worried about it now. God is with me and is helping me.

I’m praying a lot. I’m praying that God will help me be a good guide for these boys and girls. It’s been a great experience so far. We’ve spent the week getting ready for everything to start. We’ve been going around inviting local families to invite their children to participate. It was wonderful to see the look on the parents’ faces. They told us, “what you are doing is a great opportunity for our children.” The parents were very happy, and this made me very happy and motivated me to be an excellent teacher for these children. I’ve entrusted this league to God so that everything will be successful.