El Salvador Update - Nov. 2

Blessings for all!!

Last week was a lot of work. Everyone was getting ready for the inauguration of the league. The youth are very excited about the league -- we can see it in their participation and their support.

We went and promoted the league door to door in the surrounding communities. It was a great experience. On Thursday (Oct. 20) we started to get the field ready, cleaning the area and trimming the overgrown grass. The youth participated in getting the field ready. They were really excited about it, too! It took us a few days, partially because we had some difficulty obtaining a machine to cut the grass. On Saturday (Oct. 22), the youth arrived around 7AM to finish cutting the grass. The league was scheduled to begin at 9AM.

It was beautiful to see mothers arriving right on the scheduled time. William did a great job greeting the parents and making sure that they had all of the information they needed. He expressed himself very clearly. While he was doing that, Amilcar was taking care of the children, playing games and doing some soccer exercises.

It was emotional to see kids playing together and having fun. We could see the excitement on their faces. What a blessing! All in all, 27 boys and girls were registered to participate in the league.

We also watched one of the Bible classes that you sent us with the youth (Carlos, Willian,

Orlando and Roberto). Afterwards, we took some time and had a conversation. They were motivated to put the word of God into practice and to continue to persevere. They recognized that it was easy to get complacent and only listen to the word, without actually doing it. But we want to be different.

We know we are constantly in your prayers, and we can feel that God has our back. It has been a very productive week. The league will soon officially start, and the work will continue. That you for all your prayers!

We love you a lot.