Grandparents Testify!

One of the most beloved events of the semester at the Academy for G.O.D. is Grandparents Day! Students, teachers and staff spend weeks preparing for these special guests with decorations, cards, classroom projects and performances. All in all, our students just feel really special to have their own guest for the day, and love walking them around their awesome school. Below are some of our favorite pictures from the event, as well as testimonies from the grandparents themselves. 

Grandparents -- thank you for the important role you play in your grandchild's life, and for joining us at the Academy! 

I’m extremely grateful that our grandchildren have an opportunity to be educated by Christian teachers and from a biblically inspired curriculum, helping them put into action the principles taught (feeding/teaching the poor, helping the widows, etc). I thoroughly appreciate that you include grandparents in your school with these special moments plus the newsletters!
— Susan Brian, grandparent of Moriah and Ethan
I was amazed at how many kids volunteered to say a prayer to start the day in front of 15 strangers (including Charlee). And what a beautiful prayer it was! Amazing school. And then to go to the garden to pick carrots and having one for their snack. 25 kids walking around munching on a whole carrot with tops hanging down. What a place!
— Cathy Germeraad, grandparent of Owen and Charlee
We loved seeing the students perform songs to show what they had learned, and observing how the teachers reacted and interacted in such a positive way with the students. Spending time with our grandchild in “his world” is special.

We are so blessed to have our family involved at the Academy. It is comforting to know our grandchildren are learning from the perspective of a biblical world view under remarkable people who have a heart for their best interests. Thank you all for your investment in the spiritual, mental, and physical lives of the Cameron crew!
— Patsy Cameron, grandparent of Daniel
My favorite part was doing the actual activities with my grandchildren. I am just grateful they are attending a school that focuses on more than academics. The gardening, building class, biblical education, etc will develop them into productive, young people of character.
— Tracy Kuhlman, grandparent of Samuel and Reyah
I enjoyed seeing how much my grandchildren have learned, how they respect and treat each other with kindness, and how they WANT to be at school. Their smiles tell a lot.

The confidence these kids have in asking questions, to getting in front of a class, to writing and giving a speech, telling things they have memorized is wonderful. To see how much they love God and are learning about Him, to how they are practicing what they are learning daily in school with each other, at home, and with others is a blessing to see. I know these kids are going to be ok in life, this is what a grandparent prays for.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children (and grandchildren) are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4!
— Cindy Donnell, grandparent of Kiah, Eved, Jaelyn and Abela