Hometown SLAM hits the Philippines!

At the beginning of November, Tahanan Community Center hosted its first hometown SLAM weekend. It was such a blessing to not only serve impoverished youth, but to also teach them how they can become more like Jesus by serving others. This experience for the youth to get out of their neighborhood and to have time that is focused on them was a rare opportunity for them, and one that they were very thankful for. Through investing into them, we are able to teach them how they can benefit others, and in so doing, be a light to the world around them.

The youth were able to participate in times of worship, meaningful conversations, interactive games, practical Bible Studies, fellowship over meals, community service projects, Bible skits, intentional small groups, times of prayer, as well as other activities. Through these times they were challenged to think about ways in which they could work to become more mature Christians and to develop their faith in God. This work is essential if they desire to become outstanding Christians in the difficult environment they live in.

The majority of the youth who attended came from impoverished provincial areas. Most of their parents work as tenant farmers, trike drivers, or house helpers- occupations that make it difficult to meet all the needs a family has. One of the youth who attended works as a house helper to in order to help support her family. She said the weekend was the most memorable moment of the year for her, and she was thankful to have met us. She went on to say that she was especially thankful for the Word of God that we were able to share with her. The youth all wrote letters of gratitude thanking the SLAM workers for the time and effort that was invested into them.

But while the weekend was encouraging, we know that it cannot stop there. If these youth are going to transform to be the mature Christian leaders the next generation needs, then more time and effort need be invested. Working with poor, rural youth takes patience and energy, but it is essential to developing the impoverished communities from which they come.

Enjoy this slideshow of moments captured from the weekend!