Productive Work Trip to India

Last week we welcomed back Andrew Bartlett, Scott Sherrod and Tristan Swang from a work mission to our hub in Gurgaon, India. If you know these men, you know they each possess a very unique skill set, and on this trip they made significant progress in a variety of our organizational efforts in the region.     

A primary goal for Andrew Bartlett was to offer job training to Manohar Paul and Sneha Purti, cooperatives who now work with us at our India hub! In 12 hours of seminars Andrew shared about the organizational structure and philosophy of G.O.D. Int’l and Scriptures that inform our approach to development work. 

Manohar (left) and Scott (right) meet with Ram (center), a business consultant to discuss job creation in the area.  

Manohar (left) and Scott (right) meet with Ram (center), a business consultant to discuss job creation in the area.  

Andrew also met with principal Sunny Singh at Aquatic Public School, to discuss our continued partnership at the primary school. We will continue to support Aquatic through sending educational material, administrative supplies, and enabling facility improvements. However, the primary emphasis amidst all discussions was on the development of teachers at Aquatic. Recognizing that people will always be the greatest resource to do the Lord’s work, we know that it is the teachers at Aquatic that will really help breathe life into the school. We are assisting them in being able to skillfully and confidently offer a superior education than what the students would otherwise have access to.

Scott Sherrod worked on facility installations at the Aquatic school as well as our Indian offices. He also met with local businessmen in order to investigate and advance our efforts in job creation.

Tristan Swang worked in videography, interviewing a variety of people in all of our project areas. With this footage, we will be able to highlight and share the opportunities that have opened up to us in India’s National Capital Region, in fields of maternal health, education and job creation.

Praise the Lord for a productive trip, and the rich relationships we are continuing to develop India’s National Capital Region!