School in Need of Daily Water

Every morning, 7 and 9 year old Anaya and Advika* slip out of their home and down the narrow alleys of their neighborhood, on their way to school just outside of New Delhi. They carry with them a bottle of filtered water to last the school day, as there is no source of drinking water at their school. When they arrive at Aquatic Public School (APS) they pass the single toilet that serves over 150 students. A lone spigot attached to a nearby wall is the only water source at school. Some students rinse their hands off here after using the toilet.

Because the students at APS only have one spigot as a source of water, this jug has been provided for drinking water as a temporary solution until more work can be accomplished.  

Of the 150+ students at APS, the majority are under age 11. These young students do their best to stay clean, but the single water spigot is located directly next to a cow shed where three cows sleep and manure piles up. There is no soap or towel available, and no sink to drain away grey water. This is not sufficient for children to maintain sanitation.

This year, we formed an official partnership with APS, and the number one item on our list of facility improvements is to install a hygienic hand-washing station for the students. This sink will make soap accessible to students so that they can properly wash their hands, rather than just rinse them off. At it’s base, water will be funneled away into a drain, preventing dung-mud puddles from accumulating. It's a simple project, but will dramatically improve personal hygiene for each student and overall sanitation at the school.

Pictured is the only spigot at APS, next to a cow shed where the cows sleep, eat and deficate, making it difficult to maintain sanitary conditions.  

We will also be installing a water purification system on the school campus, allowing students and staff to have access to potable water throughout the day. India’s heat makes proper hydration a major issue. Furthermore, imagine the time-demand of having to run to nearby shops and purchase water throughout the workday! A source of drinking water will keep staff and students in better health, and allow for greater productivity.

Please help us to complete this two-part project. What a privilege to remember Jesus’ words, “I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink” and have the chance to act in obedience and meet this very tangible need! We look forward to partnering with you, and sharing the joy of a completed project, that will positively impact so many young lives.

*Names have been changed for privacy.