Love Your Neighbor: Share your School

Teachers like Stephen Ownby bring an enthusiasm to the classroom that makes school more than a chore to get done, but a joy to experience.  

Since the Academy for G.O.D. began in 2013, tuition prices have been among the lowest of any private school in Tennessee. Our goal has never been to make money, but to provide children (even those in our own neighborhood, which is historically low-income), a quality educational experience. Since the beginning, we have offered scholarships to families who couldn't afford our modest rates, prioritizing the families in our neighborhood. Because, well, Jesus told us to. ("Love your neighbor as yourself." We think that includes sharing your great school with them.)

Many of our neighbors are raising kids in single-parent (or single-grandparent) homes. Some of them are immigrant families, with two working parents and multiple siblings. Despite hardship, they are eager to see their children receive a quality education beyond what public schools can offer.

Education at the Academy is very hands-on.  From daily garden shifts to exploring human anatomy through models, these experiences prepare students with real world skills.  

Academic scholarships come with a particular set of criteria-- students undergo entrance interviews, must carry a required minimum GPA, and receive unanimous approval from school administration. Just like the rest of our student body, some may require additional tutoring or guidance counseling. Whatever the circumstance, if students and parents are committed to the effort, we ensure sure that each child is set up to succeed.

For many families, after moving their children to the Academy from public school, the differences they see in them are phenomenal. The mother of two young students recently testified:

“My children have been tremendously impacted by the Academy for G.O.D. They come home excited to tell me about their day and the fun lessons they have learned. One of the highlights my kids love sharing is collecting food from their garden to give to the local widows in our community. It's great to hear that my kids, who are only 6 and 8 years old, are already considering the needs of others. My kids have been socially and academically molded by this school and we are more than pleased with their performance and wonderful teachers.”

With low teacher-to-student ratios, and a nurturing, creative environment, we see behavior transform, attitudes change, and academic performance significantly increase. We want to be able to offer this life-changing gift to more students! Please consider supporting an Academy student this year. Give them the gift of thriving in a school that cares for them, opening up an opportunity that wouldn't otherwise exist!